Flashforge: Top 3D Printers

Flashforge 3D Printers

Flashforge was started in 2011 in China. With around 10 years of experience in manufacturing 3D printers, the brand knows the ins and outs of additive manufacturing technology. This is reflected in their line of commercially successful products for professional-level 3d printing equipment and consumer-level 3d printing products. 

On top of that, Flashforge is also the first company to manufacture professional 3d printers, and set up a materials R&D enterprise in China.

Known for the affordability of its consumer-level 3d printers, Flashforge also carries an extensive line of products. This includes everything from 3d printers to 3d filaments to 3d printing upgrades.

Their wide knowledge of the industry is also shown in their product categories of industrial, commercial and civil.

Some industries that Flashforge have created 3d printing solutions for include the Jewelry industry and the dental industry. With their products being exported and distributed in countries all around the globe, Flashforge continues to release amazing products for hobbyists, professionals and evolving industries.

Flashforge Finder: Best Consumer Level Product for Beginners

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The Flashforge Finder launched in 2016, and has become one of the most affordable and beginner-friendly printers out there due to many great qualities. 

Due to its amazing reception, it didn’t take long for Flashforge to release the Flashforge finder 2.0. Designed specifically for novices and educators, newcomers, can enjoy user-friendly features such as the slide-in build plate, assisted bed-leveling, and smart touchscreen.

To promote safety with the use of its products the Finder 2.0 was built to only use non-toxic PLA. The heated parts of the printer are also safely encased from human or material contact. 

Under $400, it may seem significantly more expensive than other massively reviewed printer counterparts. However, the Finder 2.0 has a bunch of features that sets it apart from the competition.

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Adventurer 3: For Creators and Educators

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Released as the first of the Flashforge’s adventurer series, this printer has been targeted for creators and educators. 

Affordable, lightweight and with a user-friendly system, this machine has a built-in camera, an easy to use slicer for beginners, and also some cloud-based 3d printing capabilities. 

This built-in camera would be ideal for those that want to monitor how your build is going remotely.

On top of that there is also the noise-reducing technology that comes along with the Adventurer 3. Although it may not be a performance-based feature, noise reduction can be very appealing for those using a 3d printer in shared indoor spaces.

Although not the best item for first-time hobbyists, the Adventurer 3 is still considered a very well-rounded product on the 3d printer market.

Flashforge Creator Pro: Multiple Material Printer

Source: all3dp.com

The Flashforge Creator Pro 2 is the latest from the Creator series. For makers that want a printer that can print multiple materials at once, this may be the printer just for you.

How does this work? The Creator Pro 2 utilizes an IDEX system that has two extruders. This means that there are two exit points where materials are being fed into the heated bed.

With this system, creators can look forward to the opportunities of printing two identical items at the same time. Another example is printing mirrored models. For someone that wants to print a left and right shoe sole at the same time, the Creator Pro can do that for you.

At the current price that this printer is going on the market, it is safe, reliable and an amazing option.

Flashforge Creator 3: For Universities and Engineering Institutions/Establishments

The Creator 3 is a desktop-sized FFF 3D printer produced and marketed in their professional printers collection.

With a hefty price tag of $3,499, the machine is marketed to universities and engineering departments. Based on the price, this is considered a machine at the high-end of the market.

Like several of its Flashforge counterparts, the Creator 3 carries a dual extrusion system. The printheads can also be controlled in concurrently or independently to maximize the use of its larger build volume. 

With a max nozzle temperature of 300°C, this machine also has a heated build plate of up to 120 °C which allows more types of filament material to be used. This is certainly an important feature for those that want a machine that can produce items and models with filaments that require a higher temperature. 

On the usability side, the Creator 3 can resume printing in case of power failure. On top of that there is a built-in filter system that limits smell and particles.

Flashforge Product Support

Official Facebook Group

Flashforge runs an official user group helping users troubleshoot their problems with their products. There are also many well-informed users in there as well that provide a lot of support and value. This is a great place for people that end up buying their first Flashforge product.

Website Support

Flashforge also runs their own official support forum on their official website

Youtube Channel

Their youtube channel appears to be their best resource. With their channel having started in 2014, Flashforge’s youtube channel boasts over 100+ videos demonstrating how to operate and use their products.  You can find video playlists dedicated to products such as the Adventurer 3, Creator Pro and Finder.

About Flashprint: Slicer Software

Flashprint is the in-house slicer software of Flashforge and is an amazing option for beginners to learn and use. Designed for other products as well, Flashprint works exceptionally well with their own line of products especially the Flashforge Finder.

For those that require more advanced options and settings in their slicer software, we would recommend a program called Slic3r.

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