The 6 Most Unbelievable Things Created By 3D Printers

There are near-endless uses for 3D printing technology, so much so that there are some incredibly creative and borderline unbelievable things that have been 3D printed. From food to unborn babies, this list will have your jaw on the floor at the crazy things that are being 3D printed. 

In the article below, we compiled a list of the 6 craziest applications for 3D printing that we could find. We hope you enjoy reading about these weird 3D prints as much as we did!

The 6 Most Unbelievable Things Created By 3D Printers

3D Printed Food

Yes, you read that correctly! 3D printed food is all the rage in restaurants all around the world, from pizzas to custom-made Oreos. The process of 3D printing food is very similar to FDM 3D printing, and usually involves creating shapes and patterns, rather than cooking the food itself. Once printed, edibles are either ready to eat or must be heated up in an oven (or grill) before eating. Scientists are also considering 3D printed foods for astronauts on space missions. The food can be made so that it contains a very exact amount of vitamins and minerals, meaning that it would be easier to ensure that the astronauts get their daily necessary intake of nutrients.

3D Printed Unborn Babies 

This may sound like a plot for a strange dystopian film, but it’s actually real life! Thankfully, it’s far less creepy than you’d think; a Russian company offers a 3D printed ‘copy’ of an unborn baby for doctors to evaluate the baby’s health. The 3D prints are extremely detailed, and show even the faintest facial features. This could help medical professionals to detect any abnormalities early on in the pregnancy and help the parents to prepare.

3D Printed Skin

A team of researchers from the University of Toronto has developed a portable 3D printer capable of applying skin cells onto a pig’s wound. The process involved collecting skin cells from the pig and cultivating them to obtain sufficient quantities for printing. Using the harvested cells, scientists applied them to the wound using the handheld device. The experiment was successful in attaching new skin cells to the affected area. Researchers believe that this technology could revolutionize treatment options for individuals with open wounds, particularly burn victims who require extensive care and attention. In essence, it could replace traditional skin grafts and make healing much more manageable in such cases.

3D Printed Organs

This one ties in with the 3D printed skin; scientists have been able to 3D print organs from scans. These printed organs serve as valuable training tools for doctors and nurses, as the consistency and color of the printed organs are modified to match those of actual organs. This development is expected to have a significant impact on medical education in the future. Furthermore, it may become more common to 3D print fully functional human organs in the future, potentially saving millions of lives. 

3D Printed Animal Parts

A Brazilian tortoise called Freddy lost over 80% of his shell in a forest fire, and kind scientists found him and sought out to help him. They modeled a new 3D printed shell for him and painted it to look similar to a natural tortoise shell. There have also been cases of bird beaks being 3D printed to help injured birds, and several prosthetics to help disabled cats and dogs.

3D Printed Houses

3D printing has long been an important component in architecture, but more recently it’s taken a more active role. Several entire buildings, including houses and even dam walls, have been made using mainly 3D printing technology, and some countries are even planning to invest in 3D printed homes to help curb the homelessness pandemic. 3D printed houses are very affordable, as well as being relatively quick and easy to build. This is another life-saving application for this technology, and could make a serious difference in the global quality of life. 

Image via Architectural Record

Final Thoughts

As we’ve seen above, the uses for 3D printing technology are endless. Not only are these machines integral for engineers and small business owners, but they also offer solutions for some of the world’s most pressing issues. 

From 3D printed pizzas, to new houses to support the world’s homeless communities, it is no surprise that 3D printing is considered the tech wave of the future