The Best Practical 3D Printing Accessories

3D Printing Accessories - 3D printer setup

Are you looking to level up your 3D printer? Whether you’re looking for extra parts, software, or tools, there are many 3D printing accessories that can improve your prints and make the process easier.

With this list of 3D printer accessories, you can improve even the best 3D printer. In this article, we’ll present a variety of excellent tools and spare parts for your 3D printer. We’ll divide our picks into two categories and provide an overview of each item’s benefits. Let’s get started!

The Best Practical 3D Printing Accessories in 2023

Essential 3D Printing Tools

The Print Removal Blade

Perhaps one of the most useful 3D printing tools to have, a print removal blade can be a great asset for quickly and easily taking prints off your bed. It’s especially useful when you use an adhesive or filament that sticks very firmly. 

If you’d rather go down the DIY route, then a paint scraper is an effective alternative. Some 3D printer brands will have DIY print removal guides available on their site, like this one by Makerbot. No matter which tool you choose, always keep it pointed away from yourself as they can be quite sharp!

Allen Keys & Screwdrivers

Having the right set of tools is essential for getting to parts of your 3D printer that are secured with screws, such as the mainboard or hot end. These tools can be used to repair almost any machine, from 3D printers and CNC machines to anything else in your home. Just remember: it’s important to ensure you get an Allen key or screwdriver set with heads and sizes that fit your printer.

3D Printing Accessories - Allen keys

Nozzle-Cleaning Tools

A common source of print quality issues is a clogged nozzle, which can impede the extrusion of filament and lead to unsatisfactory prints. To help clear away any debris around the nozzle’s exit hole, there are several types of nozzle cleaning tools available. 

It is possible to use needles or wire brushes to clean your 3D printer nozzle, but make sure that you follow the right steps in order not to damage your nozzle.

Desiccant Pouches

Desiccants are an essential aid in the battle against humidity. Even the highest quality 3D printing filament can be damaged by absorbing moisture, and if you reside in a humid environment, keeping your filament in a cool dry area with a desiccant pouch is an excellent way to make sure it remains usable for longer. 

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3D Printing Accessories - 3D printing tools

Filament Dryer Boxes

If your filament has already been exposed to moisture, a filament dryer is the best solution. These devices are typically made of plastic and feature a heating element and user-friendly interface, operating in a similar way as a food dehydrator. They can effectively dry out damp filament and restore it to its optimal printing condition. 

Extra PTFE Tubes

When dealing with issues of under extrusion, it is easy to overlook the PTFE tube as a potential culprit. The inner diameter being incorrect can impede filament movement and cause poor extrusion along with an increased burden on the stepper motor. 

Sometimes, budget 3D printers come equipped with low-quality stock PTFE tubes that are prone to wear out quickly; therefore, having a replacement in the same size handy is recommended. 

3D Printing Software

3D Printing Slicer Software

The slicer program for 3D printing serves as a connection between the 3D model and the printer. Occasionally, the built-in slicer software will have issues, or sometimes you just want a better fit for what you use your 3D printer for. The good news is: there is plenty of excellent 3D printer slicer software out there, both paid and free. 

3D Printing Accessories - 3D printed model

Software for STL Edits & Repair

It is often necessary for engineers and designers to use software to adapt, repair, and finalize 3D models before they can be 3D printed. Luckily, the era of manual mesh programming is long gone. Now there is a variety of software available to make the STL repair process a breeze!

Design Software

If you’re making something from the ground up, you’ll want to design it exactly the way you like. CAD and 3D modeling programs can be expensive, but luckily there are many free and perfectly viable options out there. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many useful 3D printing accessories & tools that will improve your production process immensely. 

From practical household tools to software, you can make every step of the 3D printing journey as accessible and as efficient as possible. We hope this article helped you to level up your 3D printing game!